Monday, October 4, 2010

Losing Streak...Greenville Loses 2 in a Row

Well, the undefeated season has come to a screaching hault. Greenville loses two weeks in a row, as the Baptists got the best of Greenville last week, and a team of Shane Spencer's best friends beat us tonight 10 - 6.

Bottom line? We can't seem to win without Ben Patterson. I think when you break it all down, he is the one player that Greenville can't play without. Unfortunately, injuries to Ben and others have proven to be too much to overcome over the last two weeks. Luckily for Greenville, they started the season 4 - 0, so their playoff hopes are still alive and well.

So I am not a big fan of writing about losses if you can't tell. So let's talk about something a lot more fun.

The Rangers.

Mark my words. The Rangers beat the Rays in 4 games. There I said it, and it feels good. Once we dispatch of the Rays, and the Yankees take care of the twins, we will finally have sweet revenge and home field advantage against that dreadful team from the northeast in the ALCS.

Once we win the pennant, we will promptly get beat by the Phillies in the world series. But hey, at least we went to the series right?

Game next week at 7:30 against Mosaic.

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